Xiaomi Mi7 Firmware Files revealing new details !


We have not heard a lot about Xiaomi´s new successor Mi 7 since CEO Lei Jun stated that the flagship device will be powered by Qualcomm´s new flagship SoC Snapdragon 845.

The company plans to release the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S on March 27th, but there is no news about the Mi 7. According to some rumors, Xiaomi delayed the launch of the Mi 7 in order to add new sensors and possibly change the design of the device.

The Xiaomi Mi 7 may feature a display notch as well as an Infrared Camera (IR) sensor.

New Xiaomi 7 firmware files have appeared and confirm information about the notch and the IR Camera.

Display Notch

Within the MIUI Camera, MIUI SystemUI, and MIUI Settings apps, we found several references to a notch. Most importantly, the code is responsible for adjusting the status bar height and hiding the ability to customize the battery indicator and notification icons in MIUI’s status bar settings. Furthermore, a build property called ro.miui.notch is read, and this property is set to ‘1’ (true) in build.prop.

IR Camera

Within the MIUI Keyguard app (the app responsible for the lock screen and all its functionality), there’s a new method called openIRCamera. This method is called in several places related to MIUI’s Face Unlock feature. Thus, we believe that IRCamera here refers to an Infrared Camera sensor, which is one of the components used in Apple’s Face ID.