What is this ROM based on ?

Our MIUI Firmware is based on the weekly DEV and STABLE version from xiaomi.eu. You can select different versions on our ROM Builder.

Can I update new versions via OTA ?

Our Firmware does not support OTA updates! The ROM Builder process requires you to go to http://mi-globe.com , build your ROM , download and flash like a new installation.

Do I have to wipe data (factory reset) when I install or update ?

These rules apply to every MIUI ROM:
- Wipe dalvik and cache when you simply install or upgrade our ROM.
- Wipe data (factory reset) when you upgrade to new Android Version (for example from 8.0 Oreo to 9.0 Pie).
- Wipe data (factory reset) when you upgrade to new MIUI (for MIUI 10 to MIUI 11).
- Factory reset is never a MUST. But you should do it when you feel your phone is a little bit buggy after updating.

Should I wipe data before or after ROM flashing?

When you want to wipe data you have to do this before you flash the ROM, because ROM installation also affects /data partition!

The Mods I have selected on the ROM Builder have not been applied?

Please take care of the following rules:
- Do NOT rename the downloaded ROM-File. It contains your configuration.
- Do NOT install the ZIP via ADB Sideload or other Apps.
- Only install the ZIP via TWRP -> Install Button.
- Watch the TWRP Installation output and read the INFO messages.
- Make sure to allways use the latest TWRP version (http://twrp.me).

Please report any further problems on our Community Forum.

Where do I find Installation logfiles ?

In order to help you with any kind of problems we need the logfiles, which have been created after Installation in TWRP.

- /sdcard/mi-globe_install.log
- /sdcard/mi-globe_install_debug.log
- /sdcard/mi-globe_mod_install.log
- /tmp/recovery.log

My phone is not booting (Bootloop) after Installation.

This is most likely due to a problem with Magisk Root. Download the ROM again and disable the ROOT-option on the ROM-Builder.

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