MIUI 11 – 9.10.10 official Changelog for ROM Builder

This weeks MIUI Developer ROM has version 9.10.10 and in this post we will show you the changelog containing all the latest changes, features and bugfixes Xiaomi has made to that firmware.


The latest major firmware version of the chinese tech giant Xiaomi is MIUI 11. They release their ROMs every week in a beta branch, containing all the latest changes and bugfixes! This weeks MIUI Developer ROM has version 9.10.10 and in this post we will show you the changelog containing all the latest changes, features and bugfixes Xiaomi has made to that firmware.

Since our custom ROM Builder is based on xiaomi.eu multilangauge ROMs, you will also find some additional notes from their site as well. Finally we will add our own patch notes, to give you a complete list of changes about the firmwares we provide on our ROM Builder!

MIUI 11 Changelog – 9.10.10

New – Empowering the productive MIUI 11
New – Comprehensive design optimized for fullscreendisplay devices
New – Removing visual clutter, improving touch controls, and refining the use of color allowed us to create the system where nothing stands between you and the content.

New – Google feed in left homescreen

Ambient display
New – Ambient display now comes with gorgeous dynamic themes. Essential information is displayed on your screen 24/7.
New – Personalize your device with a unique signature.
New – Keep your screen alive with our amazing special effects.

Sounds of nature
New – Wake up to the gentle sounds of nature with our new alarm ringtones.
New – Notification sounds won’t make you tired. Now, they keep changing dynamically, just like nature does.

Mi Share
New – Transfer files from phone to phone at breakneck speeds.
New – Mi Share works both on phones and computers.

New – MIUI allows you to cast videos, games, documents, and apps to more than 300 TV models directly from your phone.
New – MIUI’s casting functionality allows you to hide personal items to keep all sensitive things private.

New – Print photos and files directly from your phone without installing any additional apps

Ultra battery saver
New – Use this feature to challenge your device to a whole day on just 5% of the battery.

More features
New – Tasks. Manage and edit your tasks in the Notes app. Receive timely notifications and mark things done.
New – Family guard. Control connected devices to help your friends and family.
New – Screen time. View stats and manage your time more efficiently.
New – Emergency SOS. Rapidly press the Power button 5 times to send an SOS message to your emergency contacts.
New – Quick replies. Reply to messages from any app.
New – Themes. Lots of free resources to make your device truly unique.
New – Autofill passwords. Store passwords on your device and use them whenever you need them.
New – Calendar. All your events in one place.
New – Security. Safeguard and optimize your device.
New – Game Turbo. Turn your device into an ultimate gaming console.

Patch notes by mi-globe.com and xiaomi.eu

MI8, MI8Pro, MI8Explorer, MIX2S, MI9SE, HMK20

This version is last beta for Android 8.x devices:
HMNote5A, HMNote 5APlus, MiNote2, MIMIX, MI5S, MI5, MI5SPlus, HM5Plus, MI5X, HM5A, HM5

- small script fixes

Mod Versions in this ROM:
Magisk Stable: 19.4
Magisk Dev: 19.3
Adaway: 4.2.9
MiXplorer: 6.39.4
Youtube Vanced: 14.21.54

Download MIUI 9.10.10

You can download the official MIUI ROM on miui.com. If you rather want to enjoy all the features of a custom ROM and you want to create your very own firmware with only the features, apps and modifications you want, then you should try our exclusive MIUI ROM Builder!

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