MiUI globeROM

This post contains the official Xiaomi MIUI changelog. Please visit our forum for the full changelog, containing globeROM / ROM Builder changes and user discussion.


In order to install this firmware, you should read our tutorial and follow the video instructions. Further information about globeROM and the ROM Builder service can be found here.


MiUI v10

-Fixed Wallpaper Mod (now stored in /sdcard/globeROM_wallpapers
-Fixed Ringtone Mod (now stored in /sdcard/globeROM_ringtones
-Applied all other Mods to MiUI v10
-Center Clock Mod completely reworked
-BeautyMod no longer needed! Will be removed soon
-MiUI Statusbar Pro App not compatible with MiUI v10
-Added Miui Version Information to ROM Builder
-Upgraded Forum to prevent spammers