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MiUI v10Downloads manager
New – Option to set downloaded file size on mobile data

Optimize – Optimized face unlock speed [Android 8.x]

Fix – Fixed T9 search

New – Enable/Disable HW buttons when using fullscreen gestures

Optimization – The magnetic force meter calibration algorithm and compass algorithm can improve the accuracy of map application (07-19)

-Update Magisk to 16.7
-Fixed Bootloop for all Android 8.1 Devices
-Changed custom App installation script
-NEW DEVICE: Mi Max 3 – nitrogen
-MIUI 10 for all Android 6 Devices

Known issue:
Android 6.0 – Settings search bar FC
Android 7.x/8.x – Blank option dialogs on certain devices.
Dolby ATMOS temporarily disabled due to bug

HMS2, HMNote3SE suspended

We will only support MiUI v10 from now. You can still download old v9 ROMs but we will not upload any further v9 ROMs to the ROM Builder.