MiUI 9.4.11 Changelog v10 mi-globe ROM


MiUI 9.4.11 Changelog is this weeks post about all latest changes,updates and bugfixes regarding this ROM version and your Xiaomi Android smartphone. We release MiUI mi-globe ROM every week together with the official Xiaomi Changelog!
Furthermore, we add our own changes and information to the releasenotes.

You can find the full changelog on our mi-globe community forum, where you can also comment and discuss about this Version!

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Official MIUI Changes

Optimize – Optimize speaker stereo effects

Lock screen, status bar, notification bar
Optimize – Optimize status bar GPS icon display
Optimize – Optimize the UI and experience of fingerprint renaming pages
Optimize – Optimize the prompt copy of the “require password once every 72 hours” function
Fix – Fixed the ability to modify and set the lock screen password when using a transparent wallpaper
Fix – After the “Off Finger Display Fingerprint” setting item is turned off, the fingerprint is still displayed in a few cases.
Fix – When you unlock and enter the horizontal screen, the screen will flash for a moment.
Fix – Fix the problem that the third-party lock screen interface can not display the wired charging animation
Fix – Fix the problem that the lock screen password will be displayed horizontally in some cases.
Fix – Fix the problem of lock screen pictorial when the split space is not set
Fix – Fix the problem that the lock screen interface is not updated in time
Fix – Fix the lock screen drop-down notification bar, the charging ball does not disappear
Fix – Fix no minor notifications, but shows an issue with the “Not Important Notifications” entry
Fix – Fix the problem that the 24-hour dynamic video screen style does not display the background image
Fix – Fixing the bottom of the lock screen when applying a third-party theme shows a messy problem

New – Added the ability to freely select a black or white background in the clock settings
Optimize – The background color of the clock after this update is white

Optimize – Optimize album deletion slow
Optimize – Optimize the slow loading of album pages
Optimize – Optimize album thumbnail loading slow problem

Optimize – Optimize the display of the accessibility display list
Optimize – Optimize the display of the home page grouping
Fix – Fix the problem of turning off the eye protection mode and adjusting the eye protection screen effect is not grayed out
Fix – Fix multi-language, WiFi page shows confusion

Network assistant
Fix – Fix the problem that the operation saves invalid after setting the quota in the package

Game acceleration
Optimize – Added game acceleration desktop shortcut function
Optimize – Optimize how to turn on the game acceleration mode
Fix – Fix the game to answer the speakerphone, the call duration shows the wrong question
Fix – Fixing the fast travel network to speed up the entrance click is not sensitive
Optimize – The new version of the game accelerates the homepage, and the interface style is completely new.
Optimize – Game toolbox is fully upgraded, support for information screen hang-up, one-click switch network card and other functions

Security center
Optimize – Optimize the style of the red envelope assistant prompt window under the horizontal screen
Fix – Repairing the risk copy during the virus scanning process will restart the scanning

Other optimizations and adjustments
Fix – Fix the UI problem of the button height at the bottom of the boot guide interface is not uniform


If you have Google Pay issue, clean data of Google Pay and Google Play Services app..
In the TWRP delete folder /data/data/com.google.android.gms

– Redesigned ROM Builder and Mod Pages
– Removed obsolete Mods from ROM Builder
– Fixed Bug -> Apps are not installing (MiXpoorer/Adaway)
– Fixed ROM Builder not showing correct Versions for Apps
– UPDATED MiXplorer to v6.35.4
– UPDATED Magisk DEV to v19.0
– UPDATED Adaway to v4.2.4

Mod Versions in this ROM:
Magisk Stable: 18.1
Magisk Dev: 19.0
Adaway: 4.2.4
MiXplorer: 6.35.4
Youtube Vanced: 14.10.53

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