This Mod changes the look of your StatusBar. Signal- and NotificationIcons will be shown on the left. The clock is centered like on Apple iOS and the battery on the right.
We update this mod every week with “enable” and “disable” versions. Available for dev and stable versions! (read more)

Select Mod Version

Version Type Download
8.4.26 disable
8.4.26 enable
8.4.19 disable
8.4.19 enable
8.4.12 disable
8.4.12 enable
8.4.4 disable
8.4.4 enable
8.3.29 disable
8.3.29 enable
8.3.22 disable
8.3.22 enable
8.3.15 disable
8.3.15 enable
8.3.8 disable
8.3.8 enable
8.3.1 disable
8.3.1 enable
8.2.1 disable
8.2.1 enable
8.1.25 disable
8.1.25 enable
V9.5.3.0.NCKCNFA disable
V9.5.3.0.NCKCNFA enable
V9.5.2.0.NCKCNFA disable
V9.5.2.0.NCKCNFA enable
V9.2.4.0.NCKCNEK disable
V9.2.4.0.NCKCNEK enable
V9.2.3.0.NCKCNEK disable
V9.2.3.0.NCKCNEK enable