MiUI globeROM

This post contains the official Xiaomi MIUI changelog. Please visit our forum for the full changelog, containing globeROM / ROM Builder changes and user discussion.


In order to install this firmware, you should read our tutorial and follow the video instructions. Further information about globeROM and the ROM Builder service can be found here.


Fix – Fixed ringtone selection in the settings
Fix – Fixed split-screen for MI5 Android 8.0

New – Date transfer and icons in second space are deleted. (03-07)

New – Hide entry for second space. (03-07)

Fixed ROM Builder Bugs
Disable Browser and Bugreport were inverted – fixed
GPS optimizations were not applied – fixed
Removed SuperSU due to some bugs
Removed Viper4Arise due to incompatibility
Removed GovTuner due to incompatibility (Use L-Speed from PlayStore instead)
Dolby ATMOS – Now working for all devices
Dolby ATMOS updated
Enabled new Feature: SSH Server
Updated Adaway to 3.3 (Magisk fix)