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Fix – Fixed System UI crash on German language

Lock screen, status bar, notifications
New – “Use app icons for notifications” setting in Notification settings
New – Always on display scheduler for AMOLED devices.
Fix – Incorrect icon displayed when mobile data is not turned on
Fix – When playing music cannot use Bluetooth to unlock
Fix – Overlapping text on notification in Telegram
Fix – No push in floating notifications when using third party apps [Mi 8]

Optimisation – Improve compass calibration

Dual Apps
Fix – Dual Apps are not working

Sound Recorder
Fix – When long pressing items sometimes can not edit/rename
Fix – Cant change voice mode after recording
Fix – Recording list cannot be scrolled

Fix – Other country cities displays wrong timezone in clock app

Fix – Full screen option isn’t available in mi video player

Screen Recorder
Fix – Wrong status of screen recorder toggle

Optimisation – Search private notes reminder
Fix – Folder renaming errors

Fix – Fixed portrait mode for HM6Pro

Mi Account
Optimisation – SIM card activation failure notification
Fix – Cloud sync failed for call logs when SIM card inserted or removed

Quick Ball
Fix – When screen is locked using Quick ball menu to open apps failed

Theme Manager
New – Video Wallpapers

Security Center
Fix – Cleaner homescreen shortcut reappearing

Kown issues:
– Korean translation cause SystemUI crash… skip this update if you use Korean language..

1. The update is postponed for Redmi 5, Redmi S2, Redmi Pro due to system stability.
2. The update is suspended for Redmi Note 4 (MTK) due to issue with restart in some cases.
3. The update is suspended for Mi MIX 2S due to Android 9.0 testing.
4. The update is delayed for MI8

Known issue:
Dolby ATMOS temporarily disabled due to bug

The update is suspended for Mi MIX 2S due to the Android P testing work. The Android P upgrade plan for other devices will be announced soon. Please stay tuned to latest info.

We will only support MiUI v10 from now. You can still download old v9 ROMs but we will not upload any further v9 ROMs to the ROM Builder.