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MiUI v10

  • Camera (Redmi Note 5 Pro/Redmi Note 5)
    Fix – The blur effect disappears after saving photos in the gallery. (07-17)Mi Cloud (Redmi Note 5 Pro/Redmi Note 5)
    Fix – It requests to log in again when you have already logged in while clicking on sync messages from Mi cloud in Messaging. (07-17)

    Fix – Security Core Component FC when holding Menu key in “Dual app” search bar. (07-17)

    Clock (Mi 5)
    Fix – Clock not showing digits properly sometimes. (07-17)

    – Updated Music app UI

    – Separate “Default notification sound” and “SMS received” sound for 7.x devices.
    – Fixed app notification count badges in the launcher icons.
    – Unmute sound toggle in Sound settings.
    – Block quick settings panel on secure lock screen (Settings -> Notifications & status bar -> Show on secure lock screen)
    – Per-app custom notification LED color for 8.x devices.

    – Added “Display over other apps” setting in Privacy settings.
    – Face Unlock fixed for supported 7.x devices.
    – Lift to wake gesture for supported devices.

    Updated MiXplorer to Version 6.28.3

    – HMNote5Pro, HMS2, MI6X suspended

    We will only support MiUI v10 from now. You can still download old v9 ROMs but we will not upload any further v9 ROMs to the ROM Builder.