Have you ever looked down on your phone and thought that these Miui v9 colors for the statusbar and Toggles are really ugly? Well then our MiUI “Beauty Mod” is the solution for you!
We have redesigned the Statusbar with beautyfull images which are actually changing depending on the current weather.
We removed the ugly Searchbar as well! The toggles are displayed in an elegant static grey. (read more)

Select Mod Version

Version Type Download
8.4.26 cclock
8.4.26 normal
8.4.19 cclock
8.4.19 normal
8.4.12 cclock
8.4.12 normal
8.4.4 cclock
8.4.4 normal
8.3.29 cclock
8.3.29 normal
8.3.22 cclock
8.3.22 normal
8.3.16 cclock
8.3.16 normal
8.3.15 cclock
8.3.15 normal
8.3.8 cclock
8.3.8 normal
8.3.1 cclock
8.3.1 normal
8.2.1 cclock
8.2.1 normal
8.1.25 cclock
8.1.25 normal
8.1.18 cclock
8.1.18 normal
V9.5.3.0.NDBCNFA cclock
V9.5.3.0.NDBCNFA normal
V9.5.1.0.NDBCNFA cclock
V9.5.1.0.NDBCNFA normal
V9.2.2.0.NDBCNEK cclock
V9.2.2.0.NDBCNEK normal
V9.2.1.0.NDBCNEK cclock
V9.2.1.0.NDBCNEK normal