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TWRP for MIUI10 - Newbie Q&A  


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17/10/2018 4:13 pm  


I have Mi-Globe Rom 8.4.26 based on MIUI9 installed on my Mi Note 3 with unofficial TWRP 3.2.0.
I think you will suggest to install lastest official TRWP to be able installing the lastest Mi-Globe MIUI 10 relased (8.10.11 i.e.).
What I would like to know is if I will lost something after the only flash of an official TWRP coming form unofficial TWRP.
Could you help me?

Second question:
I think that after TWRP update I will be able to install MIUI10.
NOTE: Backup is required befor doing anything to avoid data lost!
I know that the "best practice" is to wipe chache,data,dalvik,system before installing but I would avoid to install all apps again... Can I do only an update without wiping data? If I will update Mi-Globe Rom 8.4.26 MIUI9 to Mi-Globe Rom 8.10.11 MIUI10 will I have boot loop?

Thanks for your help


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