mi-Globe XiaoMI ROMs and Mods

Changelog 7.10.26

Optimize – Updated bootloader file for MI4C, MI4S, HMNote3Pro, MiNotePro
(May relock your bootloader on HMNote3Pro so unlock it again after installation)

Fix – Fixed Fingerprint sensor for Spanish language
New – Proximity sensor calibration to avoid no locked screen during call (10-26)
New – Wi-Fi hotspot will be reconnected automatically after being interrupted (10-25)

Lockscreen, Status Bar, Notification Bar
Optimize – Adjusted time for tapping the Lock screen notifications (10-24)
Optimize – Optimized notifications preview layout for some apps (Gmail, etc)

New – Theme team picks in Settings > Themes (10-24)

Optimize – New Camera app UI layout for MI6

New – Mi Mover, supports data migration restarting. During migrating data to the new phone, device hotspot connection will be restored automatically in case of interruption to complete the data migration. (10-25)
New – Mi Mover, is able to import contacts, photos, and videos from Apple iCloud to Mi phones seamlessly (10-25)
Fix – Mi Mover can’t continue to migrate data after the network connection is interrupted and restored (10-25)
Fix – Mi Mover can’t migrate all apps to the new phone (10-25)

Fix – Fixed manual file selection app crash

Fixed notifications preview for Android 7.x


Changelog 7.10.19

Fix – Fixed app crash on Security scan result page
Fix – Game speed boost optimization for various cases (10-18)
Optimize – Connection for gaming is prioritized when Game speed boost is on and the device is connected to Wi-Fi (10-17)

Fix – Fingerprint module damage caused by fingerprint identification error (10-19)
Fix – Security loophole of KRACK WPA2 (10-19)
Fix – Low volume sound via headphone
Fix – Google assistant voice response issue
Fix – Individual user fingerprint failure problem (10-19) (Mi MIX2)
Optimize – Optimize A-GPS

Home screen
Optimize – Multiple clock widgets are supported (10-19)
Optimize – Icons can be dragged into files more easily (10-19)

Fix – Image has been compressed multiple times (10-19)

Optimize – Changelog version based on installed version


Changelog 7.10.12

New – Erase lines and objects while editing photos (10-11)

Optimize – Vibration no longer affects the features which reduce ringer volume when the phone is lifted or flipped to silence (10-10)

Optimize – Hide free and incompatible themes in the list of the purchased items (10-10)
Optimize – Themes prompt about connecting to the internet when it’s required (10-12)

Optimize – New layout for installed apps list (10-11)
Optimize – Extended copy for Pocket mode (10-11)
Optimize – Optimized GPS (10-11)
Fix – Fix SIM card issue on HMPro, HMNote4
Fix – In some cases, can not open the NFC problem (09-28)
Optimize – Option to show menu by single tap on recent button added (09-26)
Optimize – Option to open recent apps tray by long press on any button added (09-26)
Fix – Auto brightness getting too dark compared to the previous version (10-10)
Fix – Download warning pops repeatedly in Google Play/Gmail (10-10)

Home screen
Fix – Wallpapers weren’t fully shown after entering Second space (09-27)

Lockscreen, Status Bar, Notification Bar
Optimize – Swiping options are available after turning off the notifications filter (09-27)
Fix – Screen didn’t light up for the SMS notifications (09-27)

Fix – Recognize charging to avoid low battery info
New – Support for important messages to users through remote dialog


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